The biggest national security issue no one talks about – the national debt.

by DeAngelo on February 10, 2011

It’s easy for people to imagine how having a massive personal debt is a direct risk to their personal livelihood, but I believe most have a harder time envisioning how having a massive national debt is a direct risk to our national livelihood.

Scott Adams, who authors the “Dilbert” comic, was an economist in a former life. He’s brought up the national debt a number of times and now is posting a series where he interviews a “qualified economist” , Phil Maymin, about the national debt. To get a list of bullet points showing Phil’s qualifications, follow the link.

Scott has been pretty bear-ish on our ability to fix the national debt. In the past, he seemed to imply the problem was just insolvable (something I’d disagree with). In the aforementioned links above, he’s very specific in saying government cuts alone won’t fix it (something I’d agree with). Should be quite the interesting interview.

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